Looking Good
Here are a few helpful hints and suggestions to help make your photo session successful

What do I wear?
This is probably the most asked question we get and quite honestly - we cannot answer for you. Your outfits should reflect your families personality. Here are a few tips we can give you:

Make sure it fits! While the "super oversized" clothing are popular with kids, they are not very flattering in photographs. On the other hand, anything too tight may confine you and may even make you look uncomfortable. Also, be aware of writing on your outfits. While this may be in style now, is it something that you want to appear in your photographs?

Color is one of your most important decisions. Choose colors that are complimentary to your skin tone.

Choosing the right neckline is also important. If you have a slightly longer neck, you should choose a higher neckline such as a turtleneck or mock turtle. If you have a shorter neck, choose a v-neck or crew.

Be careful in choosing tops with large shoulder pads, they tend to make some people look larger than they are. Make sure you cannot see the shoulder pads (and bra colors) through your shirt.

If you want to appear as slim as you are - avoid horizontal stripes!!

Sleeveless clothing is not recommended, it makes arms appear larger than they are. Long sleeve clothing is the best choice.

Sweaters photograph well all year long. We keep our studio temperature comfortable all year round, so don't hesitate to choose a sweater just because it is warm outside.

Dress from Head to Toe!!! Remember all the accessories that you will need to complete your outfit. Socks, hose, belts, shoes, and jewelry are some of the most commonly forgotten items.

Getting Ready
If you wear make-up, apply it as you normally would. If you are a diehard natural and normally do not wear a bit of make-up, we do suggest a minimum of gloss on the lips and a little mascara. Retouching can be provided on your finished prints, but to make your previews look their best, coverage of any blemishes is recommended.

Facial Shine is something we cannot retouch. The studio will have translucent powder to help you with this problem.

Girls - use lip gloss sparingly. We have found that too much lip gloss causes a shine off the photographic lights.

Guys - a shave is a must. Razor stubble cannot be retouched.

Avoid a brand new hairstyle or cut. You won't look like you. Hair that is cut usually looks best approximately one week from the time of the cut. This is especially important in the summer when a fresh cut may reveal untanned skin. Please have your hair ready when you arrive at the studio so only a quick touch up is necessary.

Avoid Sunburns!!! We all love the sun, but stay out of it a few days prior to your session. A little color is always attractive but don't overdo it. We cannot change the redness of a burn by digital retouching.

Wrinkles Show!! Make sure your clothes are neatly pressed.

We have the miracle of digitally retouching. If you wake up the morning of your session with a brand new blemish (which is inevitable) don't worry. We have the ability to retouch minor blemishes in the final portraits. Retouching is facial only so your hair and clothing should be exactly as you want them to appear.

Get Ready for the Great Outdoors
Casual Clothing is Best - It simply seems more appropriate for outdoor photography. Views taken down in the grass are often favorites, so make sure you wear something you can get on the ground with.

Wear Colors That You See In Nature - Greens, blues, browns, tans, rose, burgundy, rich violets are perfect.

Jeans and Sweaters are Truly an Ideal Choice - In selecting a sweater, remember earth tones mentioned above. Also, look for medium to darker tones in solid colors or subtle prints.

If You Wear Glasses
Glasses cause distortion to your facial features. There also may be glare from the photographic lights. Any tint to your glasses will darken under photographic lights or sunlight. It is vital that you do one of three things:
1) Ask your eye doctor to loan you a pair of frames like your own. Most doctors will be happy to do this.
2) Remove your lenses and then replace them after the session.
3) Try some photographs with and some without your glasses.